Autor: Joao Lemos

Ataque aos EUA em Portugal: Governo português cede (outra vez) aos interesses do Partido Comunista Chinês

O spinning ao serviço do Partido Comunista Chinês está mais oleado do que nunca em Portugal: mais uma historieta que visa prejudicar interesses económicos dos EUA em benefício do regime bárbaro de Beijing. Desta feita, a vítima é a Cloudfare, empresa de serviços tecnológicos sediada em São Francisco, Califórnia. Perante esta torrente de notícias e […]

When HaShem doesn’t know, the Black Cube knows: what information will Isabel dos Santos disclose about European politicians for her defense?

LUSA – a portuguese news agency – that Black Cube is working for Isabel dos Santos in her defense against the accusations that were made in the realm of what is known as “Luanda Leaks”. Isabel dos Santos promises to denounce the real motivations behind this “journalistic investigation”, namely, the European politicians who have fabricated […]

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro’s proves he stands with Israel and global security

Brazil has been a source of good news for Israel: in this time of turbulence, Israel’s strength is absolutely unbreakable and is proven every single day. Israel is setting a great leading example to the world fighting against the war against the so called “invisible enemy” whose origin we do know far too well – […]

The case for USA withdrawal from WHO

President Trump’s decision to get the United States out of the World Health Organization (WHO) was an historic measure – and a good one! – that did not catch a fair public opinion attention, neither from the decision-makers worldwidely. The news coverage dedicated to this decision – a true and effective step towards a very urgent […]