Karma Feinstein-Cohen interview

Karma Feinstein-Cohen is the Executive Director of World Herut and World Magshimey Herut. This is the sole educational movement of unapologetic Zionism and it is based on three fundamental pillars: The integrity of the land, Jewish unity and social justice. Ms Feinstein Cohen has worked tirelessly to advance the movement’s goals both worldwide and in Israel. This global movement, whilst united in ideology, each Herut branch varies in its style. Ms Feinstein-Cohen successfully this diverse and active movement. Ms Feinstein-Cohen moved to Israel from New Jersey with her family when she was 11. After serving in the Israeli army, she received her B.A. in political economics from Tel Aviv University. She now lives in Shaarey Tikva with her husband and two children. Ms Feinstein is a WZO representative on the Board of Directors of the “Council to Perpetuate the Memory of Ze’e Jabotinsky” in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.


Joao Lemos Esteves interviews Karma Feinstein-Cohen. Joao Lemos is a Professor at the University of Lisbon (Portugal). Graduate and Master in Law for the Faculty of Law of Lisbon. He was a contributor to Jornal Expresso with space for political comments called “Politicosfera”. Made by Iniseg media. Introduction by Rossan Benda.