Nominations of General Menandro and André Gomes da Fonseca

Nominations of General Menandro and André Gomes da Fonseca: Brazil’s President Bolsonaro’s proves he stands with Israel and global security

Brazil has been a source of good news for Israel: in this time of turbulence, Israel’s strength is absolutely unbreakable and is proven every single day. Israel is setting a great leading example to the world fighting against the war against the so called “invisible enemy” whose origin we do know far too well – it came from Communist China. Israel is the light of hope in these turbulent times.

In December, President Bolsonaro nominated General Gerson Menandro de Garcia Freitas as the new Brazil’s Ambassador to Israel. General Menandro – as he is known in Brazil and in the United States – is a highly respected brazilian military, who is admired by all sides of brazilian political spectrum.

President Bolsonaro is helping us winning big time the so crucial fight against antissemitism(and its sophisticated version which is anti-Zionism): even political opponents think twice now before they are so vocal in their critics aimed to the Jewish people State.

General Menandro knows exactly how Israel might help Brazil promoting its vital interests in American continent – and he knowns perfectly how Brazil might help Israel to win its major challenges in the present and in the future.

In the next days, Presidente Bolsonaro will announce more extraordinary news for Brazilian-Israeli warm and unbreakable friendship: André Henrique Gomes da Fonseca will be nominated as the new Brazil Ambassador to Portugal. He is one of the most respected lawyers in Brazil, having won several awards for his work promoting human rights and advocating for law enforcement agentes and a really expert in matters of national security. Besides that, André Henrique Gomes da Fonseca has also an effective experience as a diplomat (in Gabon and Peru), moving brazilian interests forward – always fighting against anti-semitism and defending Israel. His deep knowledge of South America, Africa and Europe will help us defending Israel against all the “Little Fancy Ayatollahs” that are in positions of power in several european countries, as well as building the bridge among the three continents to pursue Israel’s best interests.

In doing so, André Henrique Gomes da Fonseca will be apllying President Bolsonaro’s major foreign policy guidelines: the support for Israel is at the core of Bolsonaro’s agenda to wake up a gigantic and powerful country called Brazil, which has been sleeping under the false song of corrupt and perverse socialism. Brazil will not become another Venezuela – President Bolsonaro knows that Maduro’s regime is criminal, linked to the most dangerous drug cartels all over the world.

As Maduro’s Venezuelan regime is run by narcos who fund the radical international terrorism franchise led by Hizbollah, Israel needs the support of true friends like Brazil to identify, fight and tackle those “soldiers of death” which promote violence against the Jewish State, the Jewish People and all Jewish State’s friends.

Brazil needs true warriors for freedom, for democracy, for human rights and for international security in its diplomatic representations worldwide – André Henrique Gomes da Fonseca is the best person President Bolsonaro could have possibly picked for the job of representing Brazil in Lisbon. It is so refreshing and motivating to know that there will be another unconditional and unapologetic friend of Israel in Portugal and, therefore, in the European Union. Yes, because André Henrique Gomes da Fonseca promised not to forget Brussels and its bias against this new free from corrupt socialism Brazil and against Israel…

The nomination of André Henrique Gomes da Fonseca as the new Brazil Ambassador to Portugal is more relevant now than ever , since President Bolsonaro will be announcing in the next coming days the move of Brazilian Embassy in Yisrael to Yerushalayim, the ETERNAL Capital of Israel. This is an historic move – this requires an Ambassador who is able to rise up to the historic moment.

Only someone who is overwhelmingly supported by Brazilian Jewish community and who is enthusiastically embraced by an overall majority of the evangelical communities and its leaders in Brazil – will be able to resist to the critics, to be faithfull to his mission and to serve the Brazilian people, to fight for a more free world and to seek Shalom and Justice for Israel and its eternal capital, Yerushalayim.

With General Menandro in Yerushalayim and André Gomes da Fonseca in Lisbon, President Bolsonaro confirms that he is a true and loyal friend to Israel: Israel and the Zionist movement will never be alone anymore.

(From an article of Joäo Lemos)

João Lemos Esteves is the INISEG (Institute for Global Security Studies) Representative to the USA and a contributor to “Israel Hayom” (Israel), “Jornal da Cidade” (Brasil) and “SOL” (Portugal). He is also a lecturer at the University of Lisbon, Law School.