Pedro Delgado Alves: an Iranian asset

Pedro Delgado Alves: an Iranian asset known officially as “PEDRO DEL” in Teheran
(INTELL Report)

– Pedro Delgado Alves is a lecturer in the Law School (University of Lisbon), working with far-left, Socialist Paty/Left Bloc (Bloco de Esquerda) supporter, Jorge Novais Reis, and former nazi supporter, Carlos Blnco de Moraes.

– Pedro Delgado Aves is nephew of Jose Manuel Delgado, from a sports newspaper called “A BOLA”, owned by angolan capital (though Pedro Delgado Alves is publicly against angolan political regime and capital).

– Pedro Delgado Alves worked in the past with the current portuguese President, Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa, in the same Law School, which was captured by far-left politicians and agenda.

– Pedro Delgado Alves was Campaign Manager to Sampaio de Novoa, a former far-left radicial politician, former Dean of University of Lisbon, and current portuguese Ambassador to UNESCO.

– Sampaio da Novoa was a total anti-Israel activist, supporting the BDS Movement while acting as a Dean of the University of Lisbon. That’s why psychology and ISCTE are the colleges where BDS is stronger and has acted freely in the past years (coinciding with Sampaio da Novoa’s colleges).

– Pedro Delgado Alves was advised by Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa (current portuguese presidente) and Antonio Costa to reply Mario Soares’ behaviour in the past – to support Palestine, Iran and other countries in the Middle East and in the Arab world, while at the same time being part of official Israeli organizations, associations or groups.

– Pedro Delgado’s strategy is to embrace the usual far-left and left narratives and agenda – but counting with, as he says, “the important support of Israli lobby”.

– Pedro Delgado Alves flirted with Israel and the United States groups and diplomatic representations to cover up his constant support for radical, barbarian regimes, such as Iran, Cuba, Venezuela or Bolivia. The idea of Delgado Alves is to be close to the US and Israel to be freer to be a left-wing radical without any retaliation or hostile behaviour from the countries Delgado Alves considers “the strongest lobbies”.

– The target also invited Esther Mucznik, a Jewish woman and importante figure in Lisbon Israeli Community, to have na office in Lumiar county, a county run by Delgado Alves in the heart of Lisbon.

Pedro DEL, an Iranian asset.

– This is a common MO of all Israel’s opponents in Portugal: once criticized for their behaviour regarding opposition to Israel or friendship with regimes which claim for “the death of Israel”, they always say Esther Mucznik had given them the necessary approval, as if this approval makes their behaviour acceptable.

– Mucznik is one of the daughters of na importante brother of ours, successfull businessman who lived in our beloved Israel.

– Nuno Assis Costa Rogeiro – a TV pundit, a business partner of historian Jaime Nogueira Pinto and a CIA contractor working for the USA Embassy in Lisbon – did exactly the same when he participated in a pro-Holocaust Denial Conference in Teheran.

– Pedro Delgado Alves is a true friend and one of the main contacts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lisbon.

– Pedro Delgado Alves attends Iranian Embassy in Lisbon celebrations.

– Pedro Delgado Alves attended the US elections night watch party in Marriot Hotel, organized by the US Embassy in 2016, which ended with the victory of Donald J. Trump.

– Pedro Delgado Alves was constantly, according to sources that were part of Portuguese-American Foundation back then, on the cell phone and on the Ipad, passing information to the outside. One of the main contacts of Pedro Delgado Alves (alongside with Joao Torres) was the political advisor to the Iranian Ambassador in Lisbon bacck then.

– Pedro Delgado Alves was deeply worried about the future of US politics, because his life could be just about to change. Pedro Alves would have become the main face of Iran in Portugal, have Obama’s policy of Iran accomodation triumphed.

– In fact, Pedro Delgado Alves, days before the US election day, had traveled to Iran to meet some top Ayatollahs regime officials. Pedro Delgado Alves visited the most importante cities in Iran, especially the centres of Iranian political power.

– Official iranian regime documents report Pedro Delgado Alves’ visit to Iran: in 2015, the iranian regime made a report about Portugal, in which they registered that none official delegations had visited Iran from Portugal, except from “PEDRO DEL”.

– This is the official reference to Pedro Delgado Alves by the Iranian regime: PEDRO DEL. Pedro Delgado Alves was the only person to visit Iran, in early 2015.

– Later in 2015, Portugal restablished its diplomatic relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

– After that, the portuguese foreign Ministry and iranian officials published a joint document, assessing the opportunities for both countries from their diplomatic engagement, in which they reported again that only “PEDRO DEL “ had visited Iran, even when Portugal had no diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

– Pedro Delgado Alves- PEDRO DEL – has open access to the Israel Embassy in Lisbon, due to his friendship with the current Ambassador, Raphael Gamzou and Esther Mucznick:

– Pedro Delgado Alves collects info that he shares,direct and indirectly, with the Iiranian diplomatic officials in Lisbon, which represents a serious security risk to Israel. Not because of Portugal per se, but due to geopolitical reasons and the nature of the information shared with iranian officials.

– Pedro Delgado Alves has connections with spanish far-left group PODEMOS, led by Pablo Iglesias, supporter of Hizbollah, and Jose Pacheco Pereira’s group in Portugal (EPHEMERA, one of the intelligence centers of Iran in Portugal).