The case for USA withdrawal from WHO

The case for USA withdrawal from WHO: reversing President Trump’s decision undermines America’s vital interest

President Trump’s decision to get the United States out of the World Health Organization (WHO) was an historic measure – and a good one! – that did not catch a fair public opinion attention, neither from the decision-makers worldwidely. The news coverage dedicated to this decision – a true and effective step towards a very urgent and real reform of the institutional framework of the so-called international community varied from pure omission, selective omission or pure scorn.

It was the the usual style among European mainstream media during Trump’s tenure in office: if some decision came from President Trump, then it could only be negative. It could only be bizarre. 

Let us speak clearly: the WHO has acted recklessly, carelessly and motivated by political criteria, and not technical, at several (crucial) moments during the ongoing fight against this pandemic caused by the Chinese Communist Party’s virus. Finally, WHO has been uncovering all the flaws of the current multilateral system: we must transform the indecent multilateral system (which we have) into a decent multilateral system (which we want to have).

 The decision to withdraw the USA from the WHO – proclaimed officially by notification of withdrawal from the Treaty by the USA, dated 6 July, 2020 and submitted to the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, as depositary of the Constitutional Treaty of WHO, all in accordance with international law – was nothing more than the fulfillment of President Trump’s announcement dated from May 29, according to which either the WHO provided all the clarifications and became more competent, or the USA, as the main financier, would leave the Organization.

 Among many other reasons, this decision made by Trump Administration was the only logically possible alternative on the table: no one would understand that the American foreign policy, crafted by the previous Administration to contain the (very dangerous) growth of Communist-Imperialist China – would have just continued the business as usual regarding international organizations to which the USA are a State Member. Keeping on pursuing the same policy of silence, of small talk and of surrender to the barbarian Beijing regime had never been an option.

The Trump Administration made it pretty clear that the US would not – and will not because the American people must not – tolerate any more Chinese Communist Party’s shenanigans.

 The Trump Administration understood clearly if the course of events were not drastically changed, multilateralism would become no more than Chinese foreign policy by other means.

However, USA withdrawal- contrary to what had been written, said and written – were not abrupt or hasty: from that 29th May to the last day of President Trump in the WHite House, the American authorities, in cooperation with WHO itself, had worked tirelessly to safeguard all American commitments to the Organization.

Bear in mind that, since 2001, the United States has contributed more than $ 142 billion to prevention, detection and treatment of diseases as diverse as HIV, malaria, tuberculosis or Ebola, and so many others.

The USA has contributed an average of 10 billion a year to global health, and this year, this budget will not be reduced. On the contrary: US humanitarian aid, in the field of health care, will double this year, precisely to combat the virus that afflicts us.

Let us be crystal clear: being supportive, helping a fight that is shared by many, on a global scale, without borders, nor barriers of any nature, must not mean being able to put unlimited money into the WHO so that this organization is able to pursue, through action and omission, goals that do not falls within their scope of activity.

Helping Communist China is not serving humanity: it is collaborating with the most grotesque and barbarian inhumanity. 

The USA, under President Trump’s leadership, have never wanted to save the health of dysfunctional international organizations at the expense of people’s health – the USA, under President Trump’s leadership prefered instead, to foster people’s health, even at the expense of the health of dysfunctional international organizations.

President Trump decided to allocate financial help to save lifes, even if that decision/option meant to kill some bureaucrats jobs at the dysfunctional and useless WHO.

Henceforth, President Trump had decided to allocate the money, that would otherwise go to the WHO, directly to international humanitarian assistance – in fact, such funding was directed to other worthwhile organizations which provide health and humanitarian assistance throughout the world.

Do not forget that the USA, under President Trump’s leadership even in times of pandemic caused by the Chinese Communist Party’s virus, was the country that contributed the most (in some cases, practically alone or in bilateral partnership with Israel, in Africa and in the Middle East) to provide aid to the poorest countries for combating all kinds of diseases. Were it not for US solidarity, these countries would be in a (more) desperate situation.

USA leadership on global solidarity – and what President Biden should have done

Again, the United States leads global humanitarian aid, including global health, with the “All of America” program, aimed at helping individuals in an emergency situation, to make up 40 percent of total health program funding global.

Finally, it should be noted that President Trump’s decision to leave WHO did not mean any isolationist policy or motivation nor is it about selfishness and denial of global solidarity. Such judgments are nothing more than mantras repeated to exhaustion by those who do not hide their desire to dilute the authority of sovereign states and who live well with barbaric regimes whether in Beijing, Tehran or Caracas.

It is one thing to be an isolationist, which would be a historical error, as past experiences demonstrate; something else – so different! – is to be stupid. 

There is no act of greater stupidity these days that contribute to the multiplication, growth and imposition of so-called “multilateral” structures that are nothing more than bureaucracies that do not serve (quite the contrary) the ideas of freedom, democracy and individual self-reliance.

Confronted with the witdrawal of the USA, WHO had an unique opportunity to reform itself , becoming more efficient, more competent and free from chinese imperialist communist regime. When the Director of WHO himself pledges greater allegiance to China than to WHO itself, how one can possibly believe in the WHO and its credibility?

Had continuing to give financial support to the WHO, without criteria or accountability, would have been nothing more than contribute to the barbarian inhumanity made in China.

Having said this, the Biden Administration’s decision to rejoin the WHO is contrary to the US geopolitical and national security’s major interests and priorities at the present. Symbolically, it only allows the Chinese Communist Party’s regime to control the narrative, whitening Beijing political elite’s liability for the hell we are living in.

Moreover, Beijing will interpret this move from the Biden Administration as a full concession made by the United States, so the Chinese Communists may feel free to repeat the “global destruction strategy” in the future.

With fault or just with strict liability, the truth is only one: the Chinese barbarin regime is the responsible for this ongoing pandemics. Biden Administration’s decision means that, for the first time, someone attacks the heart (and soul) of America without any firm and resolute response. Due to Joe Biden’s reckless decision, for the first time, America refused to fight – and win! – a war. That President Biden never forgets that America is the home of the brave – and land of the free. Surrendering to Communist Chinese will never be an option.

President Trump announced back then that the U.S. would have no problem rejoining the WHO, as long as this were the solution that best defended the promotion, efficiently and competently, of global health. People were first.  People’s rights were above the privileges of globalist bureaucracies, without values ​​or principles.

What should President Biden have done? To expose his Administration’s disagreement over the way the previous Administration had pulled out from the WHO, to express his intention to rejoin the WHO – but demanding safeguards and mechanisms of (real) scrutiny to guarantee that American people’s rights and interests are not put in jeopardy by WHO’s prejudice against the USA and in favor of Communist China.

To make sure, finally, that every penny is wasted on assuring people’s health on the poorest countries with criteria – and not for the pursuit of (dark) geopolitical goals.

President Trump, with his Presidential Proclamation and the terms of his notification of withdrawal, had helped Biden – Biden, however, failed to understand it and, mostly important, made the task of American Government harder in the (near) future.

Joâo Lemos Esteves
Joâo Lemos Esteves

Esteves is the INISEG (Institute for Global Security Studies) Representative to the USA and a contributor to “Israel Hayom” (Israel), “Jornal da Cidade” (Brasil) and “SOL” (Portugal). He is also a lecturer at the University of Lisbon, Law School.