Tory Burch: how the portuguese government agencies were used to attack American economic interests

. . . and defend Chinese Communist Party’s friends in Lisbon (Business Intell Report)

Tory Burch

– The portuguese government threatened American stylist and fashin designer from Pennsylvania, Tory Burch, with a lawsuit over her cultural appropriation of a local portuguese traditional design (Povoa de Varzim, a northern city in Portugal, near Oporto).

– Apparently, the portuguese government is just motivated by some well-reasoned and well-intentioned motivations: defending portuguese local cultures, local economy and small businesses. This is what the media has been reporting last hours, elevating portuguese authorities as the ultimate warrior for social and national justice. However, this is nothing more than fiction. A real portuguese soap opera.

– The reality is what the portuguese government is actually doing is a political act against the USA and a sign the current portuguese government (from socialista party, supported by far-left and some right-wing pro-China politicians) wants to set to the USA political and economic agents.

– The portuguese government is not protecting Povoa de Varzim, let alone the workers and the middle men from this northern portuguese town. The real motivation of portuguese government is to protect a big company, a company protected by portuguese political elite, called VISTA ALEGRE and VISABEIRA. These companies employ major portuguese political figures – so the politicians wants to give the favor back to this company.

– VISTA ALEGRE owns Bordallo Pinheiro (a company located in Caldas da Rainha, in a region known as Oeste, west of Great Lisbon, connected with a traditional popular portuguese figure), which was bought to VISABEIRA. However, this was essentially an balance sheet operation. The aim was to suppress Bordallo Pinheiro from the balance sheet of VISABEIRA and give more assets to VISTA ALEGRE (to concentrate all the handicraft business in one single company, in this case, in the historically known VISTA ALEGRE, with a factory and hotel in a town called Ilhavo, northern seacoast of Portugal).

– VISABEIRA is still on control of VISTA ALEGRE and therefore of Bordallo Pinheiro. The portuguese politicians Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas, Jorge Sacadura Coelho, Antonio Lobo Xavier (member of portuguese Council of State, nominated by current portuguese president Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa) and Stephanie Moedas (wife of Carlos Moedas, former European Comissioner and current candidate to Lisbon Mayorship) are top members of VISABEIRA/VISTA ALEGRE’s corporate boards.

– Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas, Jorge Coelho and Antonio Lobo Xavier are main Chinese Communist Party’s assets in Portugal. They are, in practical terms, lobbysts for the Chinese Communist Party’s interests in Portugal, having all the main decision centers in Portugal under their control.

– Nuno Fernandes Thomaz (a businessman very close to Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas, linked to all Portas’ businesses and VINCIAMO, lobbyst company owned by Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas and his mother, Helena Sacadura Cabral) and Mario Godinho Matos are also members of VISTA ALEGRE ‘s board of directors.

– Mario Godinho de Matos isa former portuguese diplomat in Havana, Cuba, and Beijing. He belongs to the portuguese “chinese group” and is very close to both Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas and portuguese President, Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa.

– VISTA ALEGRE, which owns BORDALLO PINHEIRO, is therefore (and nowadays) a Chinese Communist Party’s friendly and controlled portuguese company.

– The attack against American fashion stylist Tory Burch is a counter-information and intelligence operation set by this former portuguese politicians and diplomats with severe ties with the Chinese Communist Party, with the support of portuguese government (especially the Foreign Minister: Augusto Santos Silva, close to both Iran and Chinese Communist Party and to Nabil Abuznaid, former terrorist Yasser Arafat’s counselor).

– The goals of portuguese government are doublefold: firstly, to set a clear message to American authorities and decisionmakers that portuguese government will surgically attack American economic interests, stating this way that portuguese politicians are not affraid to step up and confront America, defending portuguese (real) alliance with the Chinese Communist Party; secondly, to flirt again with the Chinese Communist Party’s authorities, reassuring them that the portuguese government is committed to preserve the “special frienship” with China, and, although the portuguese government has been more cautious regarding China, nothing has really changed. Remember that portuguese politicians are affraid of China, because they know chinese espionage centers in Portugal have collected a lot of intimate information (documented with shocking pictures) about main portuguese political agents.

– Tory Burch is an American fashion designer and stylist who is in a Chinese Communist Party’s blacklist, after her participation in a Hong Kong conference about entrepeneurship, where she said some words about freedom and women empowerment that made Chinese Communist Party’s officials really pissed off.

– Tory Burch is also under fire in China because she, according to Chinese Communist Party’s officials, reduced the amount of cotton and other resources bought to China. She has received criticism from chinese authorities, alongside international brands like NIKE, H&M.

– The accusations of cultural apropriation are a typical MO of the Chinese Communist Party’s intelligence services action. Over the last five years, Chinese authorities have accused dozens of American fashion stylists, designers and celebrities over cultural appropriation. Now, the portuguese authorities do exactly the same.

Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas celebrating another deal with the Chinese Communist Party. Sacadural Cabral Portas is omnipresent in Portugal: he is in politics; he is on prime-time TV channel, saying BS talk about geopolitics Chinese Communist Party’s Style; he is on EVERY major portuguese company’s boards, from Mota-Engil to Vista Alegre. Now, because of his interests in VISABEIRA/VISTA ALEGRE/BEIJING JILIHUA, Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas set up, with portuguese government, a trap against American prestigious fashion designer Tory Brunch.

– Portuguese Intell services (SIED) are being manipulated by prominent portuguese politicians, who have been perpetuating themselves in power, to defend interests of private portuguese big companies (two or three), including VISABEIRA, companies directly linked to Chinese Communist Party.

– Portuguese government threatened American fashion designer Tory Burch with lawsuits in every international court, in every international forum – the same portuguese government, however, keeps refusing to act accordingly against Chinese Communist Party’s contrafaction of portuguese products, which kills thousands of portuguese jobs and shuts down portuguese factories. This is completely irrational and demonstrate anti-American bias on portuguese government.

– VISTA ALEGRE/VISABEIRA has signed a strategic partnership with chinese company Beijing Jilihua International Trade Co. , which is an important instrument of trade diplomacy and trade war at Chinese Communist Party’s service. They want therefore to affect American companies and increase this portuguese-chinese product’s market share.

Beijing Jilihua International Trade Co., has also a partnership with MERCAPOR, import-export company owned by Rodrigo Moita Deus and Carlos Lopes, two portuguese lobbysts very close to both Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas and President Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa.

– Portuguese businessmen and companies lose millions of dollars per year due to chinese contrafaction of products. The portuguese authorities have done nothing or way too little so far.

– Also, it is not coincidence that this attack against Tory Burch happens during the same week Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas is off -screen, on vacations, according to him “to organize ideas”.

Rodrigo Moita Deus, Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa’s communications director (unofficially). Manager partner of import-export portuguese company, MERCAPOR, with ties to Chinese Communist Party’s money, including Beijing Jilihua, partner of VISABEIRA/VISTA ALEGRE.

– SIED and business Intell department have, despite all the warnings sent, for instance, by the United States agencies, ignored or misled the chinese threat to portuguese economy.

– however, this time SIED (portuguese Intell) and portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the equivalente of American State Department) were too quick denouncing and attacking American fashion stylist and designer Tory Burch. The difference is easy to explain: this time, the company allegedly hurt is VISTA ALEGRE/VISABEIRA, in which major portuguese politicians and chinese communist party have important stakes.

– Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas gets a commision for every deal Beijing Jilihua International Trade Co. Successfully gets in Portugal. Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas is using again, in Tory Burch case, portuguese state to defend his own private interests.

– Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas is Deputy President of Portuguese Commerce-Industry Chamber (, in portuguese, announced by Chamber of Commerce Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in which portuguese President Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Sousa’s son holds an important position), invited by Pinto de Basto family, an aristocratic portuguese family. Pinto de Basto is linked to VISTA ALEGRE’s history, which is no coincidence.

– Also, one of the Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas’ main portuguese client (through his company called VINCIAMO) is AEBA – Low Ave Bussiness Association (Associacao Empresarial Baixo Ave). Povoa da Varzim is located in this area of Ave and its mayor is very friend to Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas and his associates.

– The attack against American citizen, well-known fashion stylist and designer Tory Burch is a reaction of Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas defending his client AEBA and the company where he works VISABEIRA/VISA ALEGRE.

– The lawyers behind this story is MORAIS LETAO Associates, law firm linked to Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas’ associates, boys and girls, including former CDS/PP leader, Assoncao Cristas, and Portas family’s boy, a young jornalist named Sebastiao Bugalhos (to whom Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas offered a TV show in a portuguese TV channel).

Paulo Sacadura Cabral Portas at AEBA, his client to which he wants to show some service attacking American remarkable businesswoman Tory Burch. Portas is a very dangerous CCP’s asset.

– The United States must not, and will not, be intimidated in any way by this attack made by portuguese government, obeying to private companies ‘ orders , all with severe ties with the Chinese Communist Party, to American economic assets.

– American fashion stylist Tory Burch was used by portuguese government as a prize to show to the Chinese Communist Party – that portuguese authorities are not closer to America, that Portugal keeps being the Chinese Communist Party’s best friend.

– US Embassy to Portugal and DOS must show disappointment (to say the least) on how portuguese authorities handled the case of Tory Burch. As a matter of principle and to show that America stands and will stand for its interests, economic and political interests. If this was a symbolic gesture by portuguese government, US must show some symbolism as well.

About the Author of this article: Mike Wallen is a Senior Intelligence Officer/Analyst. Retired, yet always active. World citizen, yet PROUD American down to the core. Mike never apologizes for being an American Patriot. Above all, Mike is a(nother) Brave in the sweet land of Liberty.