When HaShem doesn’t know, the Black Cube knows: what information will Isabel dos Santos disclose about European politicians for her defense?

LUSA – a portuguese news agency – that Black Cube is working for Isabel dos Santos in her defense against the accusations that were made in the realm of what is known as “Luanda Leaks”.

Isabel dos Santos promises to denounce the real motivations behind this “journalistic investigation”, namely, the European politicians who have fabricated such an operation using the power apparatus. It is not necessary to be an enlightened analyst, or an intellectual gifted President, to realize that by European politicians we must understand Portuguese politicians who kept themselves in the shadows and made their interests stand out against the Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos.

There are significant reasons why portuguese entities should get ready for an unprecedented crisis from a reputational point of view: it is pretty clear at this point that Isabel dos Santos has a well-defined, rational strategy, thought out over time, which goes far beyond the borders of Portugal, which is to say, the Angolan businesswoman will replicate in her favor this time the method that had been used to harm her.

 Isabel dos Santos, based on information from portuguese news agency, will shortly be starting a big media operation to make her case of self-defense, where she will predictably denounce certain Portuguese personalities (the majority of them) of conspiring against her and the State of Angola. For this purpose, in a foresight analysis, based only on information made public by portuguese news agency, Isabel dos Santos might mobilize multiple leading international media outlets, both in Europe and in the USA.      

Keep in mind that the company that advises Isabel dos Santos is Black Cube, the most prestigious intelligence company on a global scale.

With Black Cube, there is no fooling around: if you are waiting to delegitimize the defense of Isabel dos Santos with allegations of “fake news”, think twice, three, four, several times. Observe very carefully how Isabel dos Santos has operated in recent times: with discretion and reserve (it is an instruction from Black Cube, certainly – an excellent intelligence strategy).

Do not forget that Black Cube follows the methodology of Israel, it is a company known as the “private Mossad”, always discreet, always effective.

The soul of the Black Cube is the remarkable Efraim Halevy, former leader of MOSSAD and an inspiration for all of us, lovers of freedom, security and tolerance – and his disciples, direct or indirect, all of them with enormous professionalism and dedication to each case in which they are called upon to intervene.

As they say in relation to the Institute, “if G’d – HaShem – doesn’t know, Black Cube does”. Without any doubt we can assure the claims of Isabel dos Santos, in a forensic ontexto and in an international media ontexto, will be immaculately supported. Its veracity can hardly be contested.

President João Lourenço, Isabel dos Santos – and the future of Angola 

Having that said, for us, the essential issue here is Angola’s future.

The Angolan people have registered very important achievements in recent years: perhaps less than what they would like in abstract. We do understand.

However, we prefer to look at the bright side: in a particularly delicate context, in a geopolitical space marked by growing instability, the truth is that Angola – with former President José Eduardo dos Santos and with current President João Lourenço – has taken extraordinary steps towards the legal-political construction of its State; in boosting its economy; in attracting foreign investment; ultimately, promoting a safer country.

Such achievements seem minor when compared with what there is still (so much) to do: the dynamization of the economy seems way too little in the face of the problem of excessive dependence on oil exports; attracting foreign investment seems out of place when social inequality is taken into account; the security gains obtained seem to be mere fantasy when the people are still afraid that their rights will not be properly defended.

However, States are not built with mere theoretical abstractions: States are built from specific and unique constraints. Angola, with advances and setbacks, with mistakes and successes, managed to do, in four decades, what European states had taken centuries to achieve. Let us think, by way of example, that in Europe, between the moment of the creation of the State and constitutionalism, centuries have passed. Angola had to build the state, to affirm it, to start and develop its own constitutional experience – all of this practically at the same time.

This is, therefore, the time for Angola to think about correcting the problems it still has (as all countries do) – without destroying what it has already achieved.

To succeed in this endeavor, Angola cannot ris kits political stability and social peace.

To move forward, safely and hopefully, the Angolan people cannot fight each other; have to work with each other. Dialoging, cooperating, discussing (which also does well, from time to time), without ever losing sight of the fundamental.

We note that the news from LUSA confirms one of our last articles here at NASCER DO SOL about the visit of President João Lourenço to Dubai. This is why there is in Portugal, among a certain political class, so much nervous – so much so that they are trying hard to shut down the most indepedent, pro-free world and pro-Israel newspaper in Portugal called NASCER DO SOL, asking the portuguese media regulator to intervene in the paper.

And some portuguese politicians and law scholars with strong ties to portuguese far-left politicians and businesses with iranians companies and officials tried to discredit the author of this article in Lisbon Law School, using a journalist whose connections to the BDS Movement are worldwidely well known, in a clear despicable INTELL op. Despite the criticisms directed at João Lourenço, the truth is that his decision to travel to Dubai, with specific objectives, was correct.

In fact, Angola’s intelligence services – a big hug for our friends there – should be another national pride for all Angolans: in competence, in methodology, in the capacity for action and reaction, they give lessons to many Western European agencies. President João Lourenço’s trip to Dubai was certainly endorsed by Angolan secret services; a very correct decision.

The time is now for concertation between different factions, between the past and the future of the Angolan nation; not of devastating confrontation, not of victory for some to the detriment of all.

In order to advance at an economic and social level, Angola needs stability and peace.

Rest assured, however, that the future of Angola is up to Angolans to decide. The people of Angola are sovereign. However, I took the liberty of leaving here this humble recommendation, coming from a friend who wants the best for the Angolan nation.

We finished as we started: we trust that Isabel dos Santos will do nothing to harm Angola – but she will do everything to expose the information she has about how the operation to break her economically and socially.

And it is important for the world to listen to the version of Isabel dos Santos, after the authors of the “Luanda Leaks” have dominated the narrative so far.

The truth is that Isabel dos Santos could not be better advised – as the information was obtained by the Black Cube, it can only be information that will be worth analyzing in detail. In EVERY single detail.

Again, if G’d – HaShem- doesn’t know, the Black Cube does.

PS – By the way, a last note: in January, we wrote an article about Black Cube, or, more exactly, about the information BLACK CUBE has regarding external interferences in North American elections. A few weeks ago, the Report of CIA and of the Director of National Intelligence of the USA confirmed the advanced information: however, the problem is more widespread and must be solved based on a bipartisan consensus in the US Congress – so that the integrity of the American electoral process and system (and national security!) are fully safeguarded. America is always (welcome) BACK when America is FIRST.

Joâo Lemos Esteves
Joâo Lemos Esteves

Esteves is the INISEG (Institute for Global Security Studies) Representative to the USA and a contributor to “Israel Hayom” (Israel), “Jornal da Cidade” (Brasil) and “SOL” (Portugal). He is also a lecturer at the University of Lisbon, Law School.